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Eat service
Eat service

We are available to help support you in your new business.

Unique Imported Wines is committed to your success so we will be preparing your sales briefcase. This will contain all you will need to look professional and get started in your new business.
The briefcase includes:

  • Tasting notes of the wines you will be selling the first year*
  • A picture of each bottle of wine
  • Information about the production of the wine
  • Forms you will need to run your business
  • *Wine tasting notes will be added as the wines are added to your portfolio.

    The first and maybe the most important, is the new customer form. State law will most likely require you to obtain certain information to verify that you can sell to your customer. Typically you will need their license number and contact information. Of course, you will also need an order form so you can start the process of sales and delivery of the wines.

    It is a suggested that you keep precise notes on each tasting for the wines you present to your customers. This is absolutely necessary to keep track of the results of each tasting. It is also good to take notes about the people you are dealing with, their likes in wines, some personal information such as birthdates, marital status, etc. to use in the future.

    UIW wants you to succeed so there are no worries about transporting your wines to your potential customers. The wine sales profession carries wine carrying cases. UIW will provide you a three-bottle case and a six-bottle case. With pockets for frozen chill “paks”, white wines will stay chilled all day long. You will look like a seasoned professional from day one.

    Quickbooks set up disk

    A Flash drive will be provided to you with Quickbooks already set up and ready to go. You will not have to spend any time on setting up the accounting for your business. My office will be available to answer those pesky questions about using Quickbooks. This support will be available to you on a limited basis at no charge. You can also buy time for an instructional session over the phone. We will support you and answer your questions, so don’t be intimidated.

    Storage guide

    Reorder Strategy

    When you sell half of your initial order of wine, it is time to take a look at the simple process of reordering. Quickbooks can easily be configured to help you with this process by reminding you when it’s time to reorder.

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