Welcome to Unique Imported Wines. Here you will find not only some of the finest unique imported wines but also a unique wine distribution opportunity. You are here because of several possibilities, you enjoy wine, you are an entrepreneur, or you’re looking for an interesting opportunity. I can say that this can satisfy all of those.

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Unique Imported Wines will supply wines from our Core 8 Wineries. Each winery has excellent wines at low price points. You will build your customer base with wines from France—with an American label appeal. Once you have built a customer base with this competitive wine package, you are ready to be introduced to an array of exceptional...

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We are available to help support you in your new business. Unique Imported Wines is committed to your success so we will be preparing your sales briefcase. This will contain all you will need to look professional and get started in your new business.

Selling and promoting wine to restaurants and liquor stores are two different animals. Liquor stores are more concerned with label appeal and margin. Restaurants either sell by the glass or by the bottle off a wine menu. It’s desirable to get your wine sold by the glass.

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